SEO copywriting

"The best SEO is great content" - Seth Godin

They say Content is King. Fresh original content is king.

Great SEO entails two entwined Unicorn Skills: design and writing.

Not necessarily in this order, as also design runs on the engine of words.

We tame words to serve two kings: your consumers that will love your product or service and Google that will understand what your web content is about.

Copywriting is the art of putting available dreams into people's minds. 

We offer Search Engine Optimization services for your website, online store and blog. And an invincible story that speaks to your readers.

Our blog and site writings have never been affected by the Google algorithms as we always keep up with Google's algorithm changes. Nevertheless, one thing will never change: freshly updated content always agrees with the search engines.

We write original content, especially tailored for your customers' expectations. 

Our effective, engaging and original web content will meet and exceed your goals. We write creatively any attention-grabbing message you wish to be received with joy. We give voice to your website. 

We write product descriptions for Amazon listings and provide keyword research and use. 

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Search engine optimization is always part of our plan.

We perform SEO on-page with a view to keyword density and carefully designated content for your industry. We apply a SEO analysis and a keyword strategy based upon the existing content.

We craft honest SEO copywriting stories and SEO copywriting strategies that we have learned the hard way. I trudged my path into the SEO content strategies and SEO copywriting through trial and error, very good writing skills (I also write in verse), diligent rework and good insight into growth hacking strategies.

“Ideas come and go, stories stay.” -Nassim Nicholas Taleb

We employ storytelling and growth hacking strategies and we mold these in a lovable story that also charms the search engines. Growth hacking is growing your business through creativity. And you get a website that speaks to your consumers.

We agree upon your brief.

We come up with a content and keyword strategy. We settle upon a delivery pattern. Then we start the story-weaving with joy.

We deliver on time.

We analyze the performance and conversion of our content.

Thirsty for more? Your words can find us in jiffy!