In-house training

Writing is a ladder.

But ... Writing doesn't come easy, as "words are events, they do things, change things."

Copywriting is the art of putting available dreams into people's minds. 

Individualized, professional English courses

Write Simple for complicated people.

CopySmarters! The SEO copywriting course - 24 hours of creative writing techniques and play-upon-words. We will show you how to shape words into persuasive stories at your leisure during these courses.We offer corporate SEO training and bespoke creative writing courses.

On the copywriting course in English, we start with the copywriting essentials. We don't give you recipes; we just show you how to play with words in a stress-free environment. Then you write copy with an eye toward SEO tips and SEO techniques in English. Consequently, we will walk you down the path of growth hacking strategies

In epitomising the concept of growth hacking, I have borrowed Samuel Butler's vanguard words: "When a man is in doubt about this or that in his writing, it will often guide him if he asks himself how it will tell a hundred years hence."

Using my own words, I'd say that growth hacking strategies employ creativity as the main fuel for developing a business.

Last but not least, we defer to you our long-term goal: write your heart out and deliver your invincible story!

Bespoke proofreading course in English

We also offer six hours of proofreading and copyediting techniques. We will help you correct your business letters and web content and write accurate copy. Moreover, we will help you improve the written communication in your company. Google doesn't like errors or grammar mistakes, so having a bird's-eye view of your website and blog content is ultimately important.

Bespoke, professional English courses

Are you fluent in choosing your English?

Should you need help with your English speaking skills, we offer bespoke professional English courses (business, finance, legal, marketing, agribusiness, and railway). 

I have a BA in English language and culture, as well as a second degree in Economics.

My proposal is for you to practice your English once a week, and you will see the progress after 2-3 courses.
I would love to speak English with you and to offer my experience of over 24 years and 25.000 hours of teaching English as a foreign language and English for professionals. 
Also, I am a writer for and (to name a few).

Write to me if you like my proposal, and I will get back to you with all the details. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve (by tricks, I mean English speaking courses).

Personalized English grammar instruction

English is a ladder!

We offer six hours of grammar and constant communication in English. Everybody is welcome to join in! We'd love to hear from you!

Our rates are as attractive as our writing.

Thirsty for more? Feel free to drop us a line!