What we do 

We write stories that unite - two people, two dreams, two companies at a time.

We scribble. Everything you consider important we write it for you. We mix persuasive writing skills with the right keyphrases.
Do you need ongoing posts for your blog? Do you need deftly written stories for your webpages? You are in the right place.
We sometimes write product descriptions and articles to help drive organic search traffic. At other times we write email sequences and sales letters, brochures and business stories to appease (them) all.

We tell each other stories in order to survive and sur-thrive.

Great SEO entails two entwined Unicorn Skills: design and writing.

Not necessarily in this order, as also design runs on the engine of words.

We dance on many stories ... content marketing stories.

Our power sentence is "Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer." - Shirley Polykoff

We put together the right keywords for your landing pages and your website copy.

We also write cover letters, hard-crafted product descriptions, sell sheets, white papers, presentations, reports, CVs, business letters, newsletters, emails and basically everything that might have a say in the success of your endeavors. We brighten up your day with our SEOwriting and copywriting solutions.

We are in charge with everything: website copy, business writing, academic writing, creative writing, and last but not least, copyediting.
We listen, digest and get down to doublework and doublewrite everything.
Writing is like mining for gold. We need to drill and excavate and blast through a huge amount of rock before we find a vein of gold. Once found ... We deliver your content writing, business writing, SEO writing and creative writing with joy as we have a flair for writing in different styles at affordable rates.

We have the long tail and short tail keyphrases for your web content and we follow a plan.

We perform a SEO analysis of your field and we invest in keyword research. We agree upon the keynote of your writings. Then we start...

Our big-picture benefits can be described as follows: your site ranks better and our web content keeps your readers on their toes. And more than once we employ growth hacking strategiesWe ask you few simple questions: "Do you like your site's voice? (how it reads and sounds)", "What is your money-making strategy?"

We are happy to receive your message and impatient to start working at your creative SEO-writing!

What I do 

Besides 5 or 6 impossible things evey day, I scribble on my blog.

And lately I have become part of a community that starts fires in a cold world, a community that grows blooming trees out of lackluster soil. I am humbled and honored to be part of A Global Divergent Literary Collective.

Currently we are marketing a new business, a gift business. When times are dark, we enlighten our days with a luminous gift. For more, please visit the webpage: www.cadouriicoane.ro. All the products are handcrafted in Romania.

We need your words!

Colorful and mysterious/ As they may be/ Words dance/ Along the tales/ Shuffle their feet/ When the path gets trodden/ Tremble with happiness when written in magic ink...

Your magic words are expected on our Contact Form