Great SEO writing tells a story.


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We keep an eye on the latest Google changes and we write white hat SEO content. 

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"The best SEO is great content."




Stories are our meat and our magic. We live by them and we charm with them.

Great SEO writing tells a story.

You have an idea and you don’t know where to start. Everything begins with words. Always.

Want to know how to blend your story with the right SEO? We help you with the right key words, the accurate SEO techniques  and the most persuasive writing skills. And we make your story shine.

SEO empowers your website to rank better in Google and generate more sales.

We keep up to date on the latest Google changes and we write white hat SEO (search engine optimization) content. We don’t focus on keyword density or issue piles of "thin" content "for Google". Consequently we are not afraid of Panda "4.1" (another iteration of Google’s algorithm aimed at low-quality web content). Every piece of writing we deliver is original.

We provide clear high-end mesmerizing content to top up your story and we deliver our writings at clever rates.

Your business is one-of-a-kind and a safe place for innovation. With our words we show the unique, problem solving magic of your business and what it will empower to do.

We always write original keyphrased content.

Writing is a ladder from chaos to your invincible story. Our magic word is growth for your business with the help of our growth hacking strategies. As I developed my first business (bespoke professional English courses) solely through growth hacking.

Our mission: to write stories that unite - two people, two dreams, two companies at a time.

I am primarily a teacher of English and I am in love with words. I write stories. Simple stories. About dreams and goals, failure and foible, fallacy and reality, blossoming and withering. About the spears from life that make us glint... Nevertheless I am a dreamer on a cloud. As dreams cost nothing... In ordinary days I am a word-weaver for stories that breathe. In the best of days I just follow the seasons by means of bike, skis, or roller-skates. I am grateful to all colors of the world and to people who read, laugh, smile, and drop a line here.

Iulia Halatz

Chief Fairytaler Officer 

Btw you are welcome to my sea of stories on my blog where I draw my business experience in words about entrepreneurship and my flair for living in verse.